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Cldg Group Co., LTD. The combination of years of experience and innovative spirit.

We serve our customers with high quality products, services and professional knowledge.

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With rigorous work style,
excellent product design and preferential
prices to provide our
customers with quality products

Focus on every detail control

We have a professional technical team and qualifications to create more trend products and provide users with the right solutions. Through precision processes and customized production needs, we also drive innovation in our customers' ideas and products - precise, flexible and always of excellent quality.



Excellent performance

With die forging, heat treatment, automatic CNC machining, welding, assembly, pressure test and other advanced equipment, integrated large-scale production, with physical and chemical laboratory testing materials and CAD assisted design, the structure is more reasonable, to ensure product life and quality.

  • Talent concept

  • Material analysis

  • Modular development


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