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Focus on the development and application of forged steel system valves!

It is our duty to provide reliable valves for special working conditions!

Quality concept

All of our employees have a common quality standard, which is also our own standard.

Our experienced and highly trained operators ensure that we achieve the highest standards of quality.

Provide value and security for users.

Distinguished customers, you can rely on the basis of the quality of the pursuit of the product without any compromise. All products are tested in-house.

We not only randomly sample each batch of products, but every part is subject to quality inspection. Through numerous standard requirements, as well as factory implementation standards, we ensure that our valves are subject to whole-process quality control. Trustworthy!

Quality system management

Quality and safety are our top priorities. We strictly comply with national quality and occupational safety standards.

All of the company's processes are subject to the highest level of quality management - from development to sales.

We are subject to multiple internal and external audits each year.

Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

As an environmentally conscious company, we are also ISO 45001:2015 certified.

Certificate granted to us

Quality means deep cooperation with customers

Global user recognition is our goal. Therefore, we provide high quality products and excellent service.

The premise of achieving this goal is long-term, fast and reliable coordination with customers and suppliers.

Through our continuously optimized MES management system for planning, production and communication, the wishes of our customers are recognized - this is the foundation of our quality processes and actions.

On the basis of mastering the core technology, gradually integrate the whole industrial chain, service valves in the upstream, we have our own valve forging process technology to ensure the quality of raw materials and delivery cycle at the same time more valve safety control in hand.

With high quality as the standard, customers trust

For us, creating value for our supplier partnerships is fundamental to business success. Our quality inspection team and innovative engineering application experience experts jointly create better solutions. Together, we have developed a strategy of cooperation: we prefer regional partners to seek common development.

In order to ensure quality, we receive regular supplier performance evaluation. In this way, by the good reputation and reputation, we continue to develop and improve the product. To promote far-reaching cooperation with the aim of achieving results for continuous and sustainable development.

These values are firmly rooted in our quality policy and are documented in our brand growth.

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Quality control

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